Englisches Sandwich

Während die eine Gruppe der Vorschulkinder im Raakmoor zu Gange war, bereitet die andere Gruppen gemeinsam mit Steffi leckere “Englische Sandwiches” in der  Kita Küche. Guten Appetit ;-) Wie man genau ein Sandwich zubereitet und die Geschichte des “Sandwiches” im allgemeinen,… siehe unten … Viel Spaß






Earl von Sandwich


On April 24th and 25th the pre-school kids and Stefanie were making traditional English cucumber sandwiches. We also got to know something about the history of sandwiches…

It is said more than 200 years ago John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich living in England’s south-east and really keen on playing cards, didn’t want to give up playing while he was supposed to have a long official lunch. Instead he ordered his servant to bring him meat tucked between two slices of bread. So he could continue to play and have a snack at the same time. Other people began to order “the same as Sandwich”. Since then sandwiches in all different forms have become very popular all over the world. Well-known are cucumber sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, egg sandwiches or BLT sandwiches which stands for Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato.

 Would you like to try any? Why don’t you make one?

You need two slices of fluffy bread. Spread some butter. For toppings use some slices of cucumber, cheese and lettuce. Add some sandwich spread and fold the slices together. Finally, cut diagonally. Enjoy!!



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